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Every home is different. Based on the size of your space and answers you provide to a few quick questions, Ms. Green-Clean uses a simple pricing system that ensures a thorough job for a fair price.

request free estimate/appointment

For a free estimate and to inquire about appointment, call or fill out the form below. *Fill out only appropriate fields if you are inquiring about one of our services other than green house cleaning. No fields may be left blank. Enter n/a if a field is not applicable.

1. first & last name:

2. address (include apt. # & borough):

3. email:

4. phone number (s):

5. square footage:

6. # of bedrooms:

7 # of bathrooms: 

8. other rooms besides kitchen (list): 

9. window treatments(what, how many?): 

10. pets, what, how many?

11. #of adults?

12. # of children?

13. elevator?

14. special tasks/expectations? (windows, refrigerator, oven, items/places you'd tell us, "don't miss?")

15. honest condition appraisal (if your best friend described the clutter AND griminess & dust level of your home what would they say?)

16. any pests in past 6 months (mice, rats, cockroaches, water bugs, bed bugs, etc...)?

17. interested in one-time or regularly scheduled cleaning?

18. any allergies or product sensitivities?

19. any time constraints? construction, move-in, party, relatives visiting, baby on the way, etc...? Provide date, please.

20. do you or other family work from home?

21. how many times/week do you cook at home?

22. rent or own?

23. how long have you lived here?

24. anything else that perhaps we've not asked? 

25. how did you hear about Ms. Green-Clean/who referred you?


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